Rosie Penny continues as Musical Director

We are delighted to welcome Rosie Penny B.Ed (Music) as Musical Director to Choir 86.


 On this short journey since taking over the Choir as Musical Director, my life has changed in the following ways:

¨ I now have to work diligently on Monday evenings — missing Eastenders.

¨ I have made many new friends and renewed mature friendships — I dislike the word ‘old’.

¨ I have been force fed coffee and cake once a month—thank you.

¨ I have been ridiculed about my lack of stature on a regular basis – even when I have been standing on a box,

¨ I am really fortunate to be working with my long term friend —Jean Baldey.

¨ I am having a thoroughly fabulous time every week enjoying the energy and determination of these talented singers.

This is the start of something very special, watch this space!

Rosie Penny—Musical Director B.Ed (Music)

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